With the rise of social media and instagram, it’s essential that promotional material is now utilised to reach the maximum amount of a brands audience. When specifically designing the promotional material for Tribal’s instagram. Using the story features was an excellent way to promote the reveal of the event by using eye catching transitions and text animations whilst keeping the video concise and engaging for viewers. By referring to the brief of the project I created the video to match the brand aesthetic & requirements and the overall result was highly successful.

After movie
Short promo
(Tribal Presents)

With the various types of videography services I offer and have worked on in the past. Short promotional videos are an excellent way of increasing engagement for your brand. When shooting the after movie for the Tribal presents series. I used a large array of tools such as drone shots, gimbals, lenses and motion graphics. All these assets helped me create a piece which was not only dynamic but engaging and unique for the brand.

Responsive post

It takes roughly 3 seconds to keep a user engaged when scrolling through a feed. When designing video content for social media and sponsored posts. I have studied which posts perform the best in various formats and in turn have the most user engagement. Therefore when designing posts for clients, the users interact more to posts which use a higher percentage of the screen. Taking this into account for Tribal’s social media posts I designed videos which fit with the project brief, stand out and have the highest most engaging screen ratio.

Bar Shoot

When shooting for bars and dark settings. Low light videography is essential to capture the best moments. During this shoot for Crystal, House of Hugo, Soyo, 196 international parties and various other Sheffield bars. I used a large collection of specialist equipment such as gimbals, lighting and professional lenses.

After movie
Short promo
(TANK Nightclub)

For Sunken’s promotional video at Tank nightclub I used various editing techniques to create an engaging promotional video. I also used professional equipment such as 4k cameras, gimbals and professional cameras and lenses.